mardi 17 juillet 2007

"Irish Pub Song" - Flogging Molly

Let me show you an Irish pub (yes, it's really an irish pub !!). I've never seen a pub like this one, with these colors, this architecture (enlarge to see the owl on the top (or it's a barn-owl ? I don't know). Unfortunatly, I don't have been in this pub so I can't tell you more about it. It reminds me the photo of MacDonald's I posted in April.

3 commentaires:

Missy a dit…

Oh I love it! I want to hug that building.

calusarus a dit…

Funny building. Without the guiness sign, I wouldn't believe it's a pub !
Great photo.

Anonyme a dit…

That is a cute building and a delight for a pub. It would be hard to imagine a drunk stumbling out of this place. I would rather have thought I would see something akin to Mickey Mouse. I really like this place and would go in just because of the way it looks on the street. Nice photo and post.

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