samedi 31 mars 2007

"Walk Together, Rock Together" - 7 Seconds

A demonstration, the classical french demonstration. It was today, under a cold rain and for the protection of the children (and their family) who are illegal immigrant. Definitly not an umbrella-parade ...
Nota :
According the Police : 3 000 demonstrators
According the Associations : 10 000 demonstrators
Hum hum ...

vendredi 30 mars 2007

"It's Raining" - The Detroit Cobras

I took this photo while I was waiting for the bus (and trying to cover from the rain). It's the view of the plastic roof : tree, grey sky and rain. It seems that photo illustrates a winter weather ...
But it's spring, isn't it ?

jeudi 29 mars 2007

"Voodoo Doll" - April March

One of the funny surprise in the streets. I found this doll in Lappe street, in Bastille district this morning and she was all alone. Perhaps she was waiting for something or someone (maybe ; we didn't talk much).

mercredi 28 mars 2007

"Dinosaur" - Uncommonmenfrommars

It looks like this dinosaur is watching the traffic jam in Belleville street. I don't know if it's finished or if the painter didn't have enough time to ad the legs but, to my mind, this is a masterpiece, really. The colors, the details of the skeleton are well done. Nothing else to say, just look.

mardi 27 mars 2007

"Knock Knock" - The Lords Of Altamont

Look at these two charming faunas (I think they are faunas, I'm not a specialist) surrounding this door, welcoming you with their smiles. A lot of buildings in Paris (elsewhere too, I suppose) are decorated with this kind of sculpture above the doors : an angel, a lion.
To be continued ...

lundi 26 mars 2007

"Rock On The Moon" - The Cramps

Just a pick of the moon in the blue sky of Paris. Nothing else to say.

dimanche 25 mars 2007

"Blur" - Aphex Twin

Well, if you look carefully you'll see the Eiffel Tower. I took this photo from the top of Menilmontant street (one of the highest point of Paris).

samedi 24 mars 2007

"Funhouse" - The Stooges

This is a cabaret located on the Belleville boulevard. On the front it's written : "the smallest cabaret in Europe" ; I guess we should trust them (I admit : I've never been in this cabaret). In fact, I like the architecture of the building -wich was a cinema- and the zebra on the front.

vendredi 23 mars 2007

"The Viking" - Lars Fredericksen & The Bastards

If you look up in the streets of Paris you'll find these little mosaics on the walls.
I don't know who does it because some places are very hard to have acceed : congratulations !

jeudi 22 mars 2007

"Message To The World" - Gorilla Garage

I don't know why but i like this graffiti : the color (black) on this white wall and mostly the frame, with made it looking like a picture on a wall. "Le combat continue" means "the struggle proceed on" (hmm... I think it might be political).
(place : La Roquette street, 11th)

mercredi 21 mars 2007

"Spring Collection" - The Vapors

Ok, today it's spring. I took this photo in the park on my way to work, by a rainy, cloudy and cold morning.

mardi 20 mars 2007