mercredi 25 juillet 2007

"Swan's Splashdown" - Perrey & Kingsley

This sign is located in the corner of the Saint-Denis street & Cygne (= Swan) street in the 1st arrondissement. It's written : "Au Beau Cygne" (= Beautifull Swan's). I think it was the name of a shop wich doesn't exist nowadays. The mosaic is a little bit damaged but it doesn't seem to bother the pigeons who choose to nidificate behind.

2 commentaires:

Elaine in the World a dit…

Hey Jeremy. You taught me a new word in English today! In all my many years, I never heard the word nidificate. Now I have to use it in a scentence 3 times today and I will know it forever (or so said my grade 12 English teacher)

jeremyDP a dit…

well, thank you. this word was in my dictionary so, why not ? (i guess i wanted to be taken for a specialist ;op)