samedi 30 juin 2007

"Green Fields" - The Good, The Bad & The Queen

This vegetable wall is on the front a parisian shop, the BHV. The name means "Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville" ("the Stores of the City Hall") because it's located in front of the City Hall. The one on the photo is a new, dedicated the the Mens. I've never been in this shop so don't ask me if it's interesting. The BHV is one of the three big store in Paris with the Galeries Lafayette and the Printemps ; they attract a lot of tourists during the year.

vendredi 29 juin 2007

"Meet Me In The City" - Blues Explosion

This fountain (the Innocents fountain) is located in the center of Paris, in the district of Chatelet-Les Halles. it's the work of two architects, Jean Goujon between 1546 and 1549 and Augustin Pajou in 1788. Augustin Pajou did the 4th part of the fountain following its installation in the center of the place. Nowadays it's a meeting-place when you want to see someone (but it's crowdy, mostly during the week-end !!).

jeudi 28 juin 2007

"Goin' Out Of My Head" - Wes Montgomery

I was intrigued by the architecture of its front : all the faces sculpted are different, with their own expression. Unfortunatly, I have no more information about this building.
(click to enlarge and see the details)

mercredi 27 juin 2007

"Genius" - Kings Of Leon

Today, a parisian monument wich is ay Bastille place : the Genius of the Bastille and the bronze column.
This bronze column, known as the column of "July", have been raised in the center of the place between 1833 & 1840. It is 52 meters high, and has a 4 meters in diameters. It ends with a balcony surmounted of a genius which holds in a hand a broken chain and in the other a lit torch. (

The Genius represents "the Freedom which flies away by breaking his irons and by sowing the light". (
The Bastille place is also one of the important parisian point for the public demonstration, as the Republique place (a post about it next week).

mardi 26 juin 2007

"Misirlou" - Martin Denny

This is a gluing. What is represented is called a Tiki. A tiki is a part of the old rock'n roll culture like the pin-ups, the cars.
It's represented by the "exotica" music (by Martin Denny for exemple) which is in fact the lounge music.

For a more historical and mythological point of view, let's read Wiki : "In Māori mythology, Tiki is the first man. In traditions from the East Coast of the North Island, the first human is a woman created by Tāne, god of forests. Usually her name is Hine-ahu-one. In other legends, Tāne makes the first man Tiki, then makes a wife for him.
In some West Coast versions, Tiki himself, as a son of Rangi and Papa, creates the first human by mixing his own blood with clay, and Tāne then makes the first woman. Sometimes Tūmatauenga, the war god, creates Tiki.
In another story the first woman is Mārikoriko. Tiki marries her and their daughter is Hine-kau-ataata.
In some traditions, Tiki is the penis of Tāne.
In fact, Tiki is strongly associated with the origin of the procreative act.
In Māori usage, the word 'tiki' is also the name given to large wooden carvings in roughly human shape."

lundi 25 juin 2007

"Mingulaly Boat Song" - Richard Thompson

A little photo of the Dockyard port of Bastille. There is a promenade along the canal so you can watch the boats.

dimanche 24 juin 2007

"Time's Up" - The Burning Heads

I've found this sundial in a little street in the district of the Marais (4th) and I had to take the photo between the bars of the doorway of a kindergarten.

samedi 23 juin 2007

"Swing, Daddy, Swing" - Jerry Harris

A photo of a band called "Délit D'Swing" playing jazz at the Place Des Vosges this morning. A nice place with some good music, what else to start the day ?

vendredi 22 juin 2007

"Nightmare" - The Whyte Boots

The second part of the "Jimi Hendrix" wall (post of june the 17th). What else to say, just click to enlarge and watch all the details.
Good week-end to you all !

jeudi 21 juin 2007

"I Can Hear Music" - The Beach Boys

Well, it's "Music-Day" today and no photo, only one in fact (my daughter wanted to stay on my shoulder, so my camera stayed in my backpack). This woman is Christina Sonnemann, a musician from Australia and she plays celtic harp. Not the kind of the music that I like but very pleasant.

mercredi 20 juin 2007

"Marie, Marie" - The Blasters

I like this sculpture, very simple. I don't know why there is a sculpture of The Virgin Mary in the corner of these streets : perhaps a symbol of protection ? (the same kind of post here).

mardi 19 juin 2007

"Let's Talk About The Weather" - The Radiators

I took this photo from my apartment 15 minutes ago, it was rainy and thundery.

lundi 18 juin 2007

"The Photo On My Wall" - The Good Shoes

A photo session by the Seine. Paris welcomes a lot of shootings for movies, videos and photo sessions. It's organized and very regulated because of the huge number of requests.

dimanche 17 juin 2007

"St. Jimmy" - Green Day

A tribute to Jimi Hendrix, this paint is a part of a wall completly covered.

samedi 16 juin 2007

"I Wanna Be A Bear" - The Descendents

I met this bear near "La Madeleine", he was giving some sweets to the kids (and some adults too). I was organized for by a shop. I think it must pretty hard to wear this kind of disguise because of its weight and the heat inside.

vendredi 15 juin 2007

"River In The Road" - Queens Of The Stone Age

Having some rest by the Seine, a good way to finish a hard day of work.

jeudi 14 juin 2007

"Rebels Of The Sacred Heart" - Flogging Molly

I took this photo of the Sacré-Coeur from the park of The Buttes-Chaumont in the 19th arrondissement.

mercredi 13 juin 2007

"Ghosts Of Princes In The Towers" - Rich Kids

Today, two photos !!
These are the photos of the Soubise Hotel.
This hotel located in Francs-Bourgeois street have been bought in 1705 by the Princess Of Soubise and rebuild by the architect Delamai on the hotel of the Duke Of Guise.

This is a museum and you can have a some rest in the garden, it's very peacefull.

mardi 12 juin 2007

"Christmas In Heaven" - The Monty Python

Santa Claus comes very early this year or he's stick on this balcony since december ?

lundi 11 juin 2007

"Born To Be A Dancer" - Kaiser Chiefs

Despite the spelling, it's an invitation to dance. So, you know what to do ! But ... what song would you choose ?
(dansons ensemble = let's dance)

dimanche 10 juin 2007

"Les Grands Restaurants" - Katerine

I've been surprised when I've seen this very small restaurant and its front. Perhaps I'll be able to tell you if it's a good restaurant one day. It's located in Oberkampf street, in the 11th.

samedi 9 juin 2007

"High School Never Ends" - Bowling For Soup

I must admit that if I had to go to school on a sunny saturday afternoon, I would need some help !

vendredi 8 juin 2007

"Picture This" - Blondie

I must admit that this is not very original but it's difficult to be tired of this kind of photo, no ?
Enjoy your week-end !

jeudi 7 juin 2007

"Spray Paint" - Black Flag

It make me think of an asian paint : the color, the figure in the center and the ornaments in the angles (like a lotus ?).
Unfortunately, it was not possible to take a better photo ...

mercredi 6 juin 2007

"Don't Sit Down" - David Bowie

A garden have been set on the square in front of the City Hall. It's an exposition of different flowers and their part in the garden,
the marshes. This armchair is covered with grass and is exposed with some scarecrows created by kids from different school of Paris.

mardi 5 juin 2007

"The Courageous Cat" - Gang War

To me, this cat looks like the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland (but my daughter doesn't agree !!!). This is located near the Georges Pompidou Center.

lundi 4 juin 2007

"For The Rock" - Les Wampas

This post is a little bit" francophile", sorry. It's a picture of the french rock & roll band Les Wampas (live show at La Cigale, thursday 28th may). It was the first time I took my new camera (with a lot of buttons, and functions to understand ...).
First lesson to remember : don't be late if you want to have a good place to photograph quietly.
If you want to see (and hear) how do they look like, go this way or this way (it's in french).

dimanche 3 juin 2007

"Mother" - Smash Mouth

It was mother day today, celebrated with a bunch of Iris "Sibirica" (you can also see some beautiful Iris on Abraham Lincoln daily photo).

samedi 2 juin 2007

"It's Too Late" - The New York Dolls

Yes it's a little bit too late to post a view from my apartment ...

vendredi 1 juin 2007

"Games People Play" - Joe South

This is Roland-Garros but I'm sure that the Monfils, Gasquet, Ferrero & Co won't play on this court (it's a waste ground).
(you have to click to enlarge the picture ; it was a tennis club).