lundi 30 avril 2007

"In The Garden" - Johnny Cash

This is a photo of the garden of the Hôtel de Bethune-Sully, built between 1625-1630. It's a very quiet place, near place des Vosges.

dimanche 29 avril 2007

"Knowledge" - Operation Ivy

A little bit of wisdom with this monkey wich make me think of a wise man, well ... a wise monkey (it's a gluing).

samedi 28 avril 2007

"Mornin' Light" - Pop Levi

I took this photo of the sun between two buildings early (very early) this morning.

vendredi 27 avril 2007

"Courtyard" - The Olivia Tremor Control

A courtyard in the 11th arrondissement, near Bastille.

jeudi 26 avril 2007

"Cherry Cola" - Eagles Of Death Metal

I'm sure you've never seen a MacDonald like this one before (if you click to enlarge this pic, you'll see a stork on the top).
In fact, I've been eating in this MacDonald a long time ago and I just noticed the building yesterday ! I was really surprised by the "un-MacDonald" style of this restaurant, wich reminds the north-east of France (Alsace) but not the same kind of food ...

mercredi 25 avril 2007

"Hot In Here" - Boss Hoss

It's warm today (28°c) so : sunglasses, hats, caps, etc ...

mardi 24 avril 2007

"Joyride" - Snot

Ooops, there's something bizarre !

lundi 23 avril 2007

"Death On The Stairs" - The Libertines

These stairs made me think of an Ed MacBain story, straight from the chronicles of the 87th Precinct.

dimanche 22 avril 2007

"Politics" - Bad Religion

This bill-sticker will have two more weeks of work ...
Some facts :
the participation : 86 %
N. Sarkozy : 30,4 %
S. Royal : 25 %
F. Bayrou : 18,8 %
J-M Le Pen : 11,1 %
(estimations for the first round)

samedi 21 avril 2007

"Mean Machine" - Sugar Ray

It's something between a man and a robot, perhaps the new "Alien".
(in blue "j'étais un garçon" means "I was a boy", I don't thing it's related to the Thing but why not ?)

vendredi 20 avril 2007

"Spirit In The Sky" - T-Rex

I took this photo this morning (very early this morning).

jeudi 19 avril 2007

"Black Cat" - The Living End

Yes, I know, a black cat in a cemetary (the Pere-Lachaise cemetary) it's quite a "cliche".

mercredi 18 avril 2007

"Paris Paris" - TTC

A view of the obelisk of The Concorde place, the "Dome des Invalides", "l'Assemblée Nationale" or the traffic jam this afternoon, the choice is your ...

mardi 17 avril 2007

"Elected" - Neurotic Outsiders

5 days to wait before the elections ...

lundi 16 avril 2007

"Subway Song" - The Cure

A view of the elevated railway.

dimanche 15 avril 2007

"Some Came Running" - Bane

Today is Marathon Day, this distance is a myth :
35 000 runners (almost 20 % women)
17 tons of Bananas, oranges
437 000 bottles of water
The blue line shows the runners the ideal run along the 42,195 km.

samedi 14 avril 2007

"Tin Soldiers" - Small Faces

This line of poles is here to prevent the car to park on the sidewalk. It grows more and more on our sidewalks, for the protection of the passer-by because the parisian driver is a little bit undisciplined and can't help to park on the pavement.

vendredi 13 avril 2007

"House On Highland Ave" - The Gun Club

This little "chalet" (even if it looks like a house in Normandy) is located above a souvenir shop on the Pigalle boulevard. It's situated between two old buildings and its architecture seems to be out of place, compared to the buildings around.
I don't know what is represented in the niche and what is it for (he looks like a soldier or a gentleman) ?

jeudi 12 avril 2007

"Formed A Band" - Art Brut

If you want to buy a guitar (or an other instrument) in Paris, you have to go in Pigalle (9th arrondissement), in Douai street and all the little streets around. There is a lot of shops with second-hand instruments or new ones. There is (almost) everything you want from the ukulele to the oud, the drum kit ; all you need to form your band !

mercredi 11 avril 2007

"Water The Garden" - Singers & Players

It looks like a water-field or a geyser but it's only a broken water-main. It's very noisy and powerfull. Usually, the scavengers open it to dry the rubbishes, but today, it's for the cleaning of these two cars ...

samedi 7 avril 2007

"Rabbit One" - Masters Of Reality

I take a little break in Normandy so I wish you a happy easter !
(Yes : the rabbit is made of chocolate)

vendredi 6 avril 2007

"Spirit On The Water" - Bob Dylan

It was very calm place this morning near the canal, despite the cars in the street above, very sunny.

jeudi 5 avril 2007

"Orwell Liberty Dance" - Comet Gain

Nice tribute to George Orwell's book.
Is it a message ?

mercredi 4 avril 2007

"Look Here" - The Clash

Another pic from a sculpture above the door of a building. This one have been a little bit "refreshed".
Nota 1 : if you come in Paris (or if you live in Paris), there is a very interesting retrospect of a french photographer of the end of the 19th century, Eugene Atget (1857-1927), who took a lot of photos of Paris (scenes, architecture, details). This takes place at the B.N.F. (National Library of France), until july the 7th. More informations about this artist and his work : (thanx Wiki !).
Nota 2 : today is the 30th anniversary of the first Clash album. That's all.

mardi 3 avril 2007

"St Mary" - Rancid

This sculpture is located St-Anne street (2nd arrondissement), above the door of a restaurant named "Une Souris Verte" ("A Green Mouse").

lundi 2 avril 2007

"Alley Cat" - The Ettes

A little bit of history : this alley is one of the last vestige of the popular Paris of the "Commune", in the east of Paris.
Very nice little houses with a garden : how lucky they are !!

dimanche 1 avril 2007

"Drunken lullabies" - Flogging Molly

An old advertising for a french drink, by St-Raphaël (the brand). The "quinine" was a remedy against the fen in the first time, but soon became a drink mixed with some wine (i spare you the details, there's a lot of biology and i'm not sure to understand the process).