jeudi 12 juillet 2007

"Paths Of Victory" - Cat Power

Today, the Place du Chatelet. In the center of this public square, there is a foutain, La Fontaine du Palmier ("The Palm-Tree Fountain") and a column. This column was erected in 1808 to celebrate the victorys of Napoleon and the sculpture on the top represents the Victory, with the crowns of laurel in each hand. On the shaft of the column, you can see four allegorys : Prudence, Temperance, Justice & Force. (informations founded on Wiki and

2 commentaires:

Olivier a dit…

cette statue (que l'on voir de loin) est vraiment superbe, quand le soleil lui tombe dessus, elle resplendie. beau zoom sur la deuxieme photo

Ming the Merciless a dit…

Awesome photo!! I don't recall ever visiting Place du Chatelet. I will definitely try to see it the next time in Paris.