lundi 9 juillet 2007

"You Set The Scene" - Love

No post the last two days : a little break in Normandy (if you want to see some un-touristic pics, go this way).
I've found this little theatre in a passage. It's the "Theatre du Tambour Royal" ("The Royal Drum Theater"). This theatre exist since 1850 and Maurice Chevalier did his first show in 1902 on this scene.

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Lilly a dit…

I love theatre, so I'm bound to love this picture. This is a very funky, colourful looking theatre. Great post.

Anonyme a dit…

The whole is nice -- the colors are odd looking to me. Maybe that's why I noticed it.

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Melinda a dit…

this reminds me of someplace magickal......step inside and something special would take place!