mardi 23 octobre 2007

"Stop" - Rancid

Today is my last post. As I told you before I'm short of time to keep this blog on a daily basis. I might post from time to time, I don't konw yet.
Thanks you all for your kindness and nice comments.

vendredi 19 octobre 2007

"Let's Go Upstairs" - Pearl Harbor & The Explosions

Once again, I apologize ; I don't have time to visit the other Daily Photo because I'm very busy.
Have a good week-end !

jeudi 18 octobre 2007

"City Of People" - The Spoons

During the Photo Fair, two weeks ago..

mercredi 17 octobre 2007

"A House Is Not A Motel" - Love

A building in the Vaugirard street, in the 15th.

mardi 16 octobre 2007

"(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures" - The Revillos

A view of the fontain near the Pompidou center, the sculptures have been made by a french sculptor, Niki De Saint-Phalle (you can find more informations here).

lundi 15 octobre 2007

"One Way" - The Bloodhound Gang

The smallest passage in Paris : "passage de la Duée", 80 cm width !!

dimanche 14 octobre 2007

"The 99th Floor" - Prima Scream

The Montparnasse tower : this this the tallest skyscraper in France with its 210 meters (59 floors), build from 1969 to 1972. On the top, a terrace offers a large view of Paris (perhaps a next post).

samedi 13 octobre 2007

"Down In The Alley" - Elvis Presley

An alley in the 13th.

vendredi 12 octobre 2007

"Cool For Cats" - Squeeze

jeudi 11 octobre 2007

"It Sucks" - Sloy

My external hard drive is out of order for a few days and I don't have photos "in stock" ...

Bonus track : Sloy "Idolize"

mercredi 10 octobre 2007

"Something's Wrong" - The Jesus & Mary Chain

This is an electronic display board wich is supposed to give you informations about events, the polution, the temperature, ...
But can someone traduce this one please ?

mardi 9 octobre 2007

"Itchycoo Park" - The Small Faces

A view of the Buttes-Chaumont.

Bonus track : the Small Faces "Itchycoo Park"

lundi 8 octobre 2007

"Bicycle Song" - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

A rickshaw in front of an indian restaurant (thank you Hyderabad DP !!)

dimanche 7 octobre 2007

"The Trees" - Pulp

This tree is a real one and grows in a planter (click to enlarge), but I don't know how long will it takes before its owner will have to plant it out ?

samedi 6 octobre 2007

"Win Or Lose" - Foo Fighters

I took this photo this afternoon at the Photography Fair, people were watching the rugby match England vs Australia. The most important to know is that the French team won versus the All Blacks (but it was hard) !!!

vendredi 5 octobre 2007

"The Overly Dramatic Truth" - El-P

This stencil says : "where is Guy-André Kieffer". Guy-André Kieffer is a journalist who disappeard in april 16th 2003 at Abidjan, Ivory Coast. His family doesn't know where is he and think that he have been kidnapped. You can have more informations about it on this wikipedia link.

Bonus Track : a live video of the song-title of this post. for once, a hip hop track but not a 50 cents-style hip hop ; El-P is the opposite of it by the texts and his music.

jeudi 4 octobre 2007

"Jailbird" - The Exploding Hearts

This is a pigeon house. There is four pigeon houses in Paris and they have been built to regulate the number of pigeons. There is a sanitary control, the watch of the mortality, the cleaning of the droppings.

mercredi 3 octobre 2007

"Factory" - The Vines

This ancient factory of "shoes & clog" is now a house. It's funny to see that the owner kept the sign on the front.

mardi 2 octobre 2007

"A Car" - Tony Chick

One of my favorites cars, the Beetle (not the "New" one !!)

lundi 1 octobre 2007

"Among The Dead" - Tim Armstrong

A photo from the Père-Lachaise cemetery. You can see my others cemetery photos on my Flickr page ; but, before, visit all the graveyards all over the world.

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Bonus Track : the video of the Tim Armstrong song, a very good (as ususal) ska song.

dimanche 30 septembre 2007

"Window" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I saw this window in a little street of the 13th arrondissement with these decorations. My favorite is the one with the kangaroo ; everybody knows that there is a lot of kangaroos in the 13th, especially in the 13th ...

samedi 29 septembre 2007

"Dead End Street" - The Kinks

A very nice place made out of two streets in the 13th, "le square des Peupliers" (poplar square).

Bonus track : another awesome pop song, "Dead End Street" by the Kinks (you would have guess ...)

vendredi 28 septembre 2007

"The House That Jack Built" - Alan Price

While I was loking at this house, I wondered how long it took for the front to be covered by ivy.

Bonus track : the video of the Alan Price's song (an amazing pop song)

jeudi 27 septembre 2007

"Pickin' It Up" - Hot Hot Heat

Fall is here, with the falen leaves and the chestnuts. My daughter can't resist picking all the chestnut she sees in the park. If someone knows a recipe ...

mercredi 26 septembre 2007

"I Picked A Flower" - The Pastels

A flower (i don't know the name of this one) in a park, last saturday.

mardi 25 septembre 2007

"Stole A Maserati" - Hypnotics

Don't stole my tree !!

lundi 24 septembre 2007

"1985" - Bowling For Soup

I saw this ad and it reminds me my childhood (well ... not that far). This is a game on a french radio to win the car of Magnum. Did you watch this TV program with Tom Selleck, "Magnum, P.I." ? By the way, the car is a Ferrari 308 GTS.

bonus track :
the video of the song-title of this post. this is stupid and funny (you'll see Robert Palmer, Run DMC, George Michael & Motley Crüe ...)

dimanche 23 septembre 2007

"The Toilet Song" - The Bouncing Souls

Following the recent post of Ming from New York, I saw this sign in Ménilmontant street : "to urinate in front of the door or the windows stinks" ...

samedi 22 septembre 2007

"The Beginning Of Autumn" - Capras

Today is the first day of Autumn and I took this photo in the courtyard of my building (the photo isn't very good, sorry).

vendredi 21 septembre 2007

"Public Image" - The Germs

This paint is a part of a serie wich is glued in differents arrondissements of Paris. The place where it's glued is very original, it looks like a frame.

jeudi 20 septembre 2007

"Latest Flame" - The Misfits

The workers were printing the road-marking with this kind of flamethrower.

mercredi 19 septembre 2007

"Creature Form Outer Space" - Sonny Day

I've seen this sign above a shop and this one is very very special. It's a mix between "Alien" and the thing from the "Naked Lunch".

mardi 18 septembre 2007

"To Little Fire" - The Datsuns

It's funny to see the kind of things the parisian unhabitants throw away in the streets (on this photo, a stove).

lundi 17 septembre 2007

"Morning Glory" - Oasis

A view of Paris, from the Sacré-Coeur, yesterday morning (click to enlarge).

dimanche 16 septembre 2007

"Shop Around" - Smokey Robinson

Some things for sale at a car boot sale yesterday in my arrondissement. Some of them were interesting and others were, huh ... very kitsch !

samedi 15 septembre 2007

"I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor" - Arctic Monkeys

A photo of the parisian Techno Parade. Not my favorite kind of music at all but a nice show in the streets. If you want to see more photos, click on the link to my Flickr page.

vendredi 14 septembre 2007

"I'm In Love With My Car" - Mike Ness

Ooops !! Next time I'll use a "Velib'" (well ... the owner of this car we'll think about it when he'll see the parking fine).

jeudi 13 septembre 2007

"Bartender Blues" - George Jones

For those of you who don't know, there is a Rugby World Cup in France. I like the sign of this australian bar, with this big crocodile.

mercredi 12 septembre 2007

"Ev' rybody Wants To Be A Cat" - Brian Setzer

Let me introduce you to the laziest member of the family wich was found on a roof in Montmartre. She has a wonderful life : no job, no school, no taxes, free food ...

mardi 11 septembre 2007

"Paris" - Taxi Girl

A snapshot of the Eiffel Tower from the top of the Belleville street.

lundi 10 septembre 2007

"Old Rub Alcohol Blues" - Dock Boggs

This sign is above a perfume shop. It seems to be an old colonial sign (full of history) and the contrast between it and the perfume shop seemed interesting to me.

dimanche 9 septembre 2007

"Photo Shop" - Bis

A nod to all the Daily Photo Bloggers ;-)

samedi 8 septembre 2007

"Adventures Close To Home" - The Slits

If you look closer, you'll see a swimming-pool (surely because nobody would like to swim in the Seine !!) and a car on this barge.

vendredi 7 septembre 2007

"Stop & Think It Over" - Mary Weiss & The Reigning Sound

A little thought for the week-end : "Un rond c'est un carré qui a mal tourné" means "A circle is a square which turned out badly".

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

"You're All Talk" - The Pandoras

When two doves meet a pigeon, what do they talk about ?

mercredi 5 septembre 2007

"The End Of The Day" - Goldfinger

The color of the sky, a few days ago.

mardi 4 septembre 2007

"And The Same" - Fugazi

When you've been in Paris, did you bought one ? ;)