lundi 24 septembre 2007

"1985" - Bowling For Soup

I saw this ad and it reminds me my childhood (well ... not that far). This is a game on a french radio to win the car of Magnum. Did you watch this TV program with Tom Selleck, "Magnum, P.I." ? By the way, the car is a Ferrari 308 GTS.

bonus track :
the video of the song-title of this post. this is stupid and funny (you'll see Robert Palmer, Run DMC, George Michael & Motley Crüe ...)

3 commentaires:

Janet a dit…

Yes, I am one who used to watch Magnum. Glad you liked the cotton photo. While it is typical for a field of cotton, they are few and far between this year. Alabama has the lowest cotton yield of all the southeastern states this year.

Missy a dit…


I wish MTV still played music videos.

Waldo Oiseau a dit…

Wow, it's the actual car used on the TV show?

I watched Magnum PI when I was a kid! I loved Higgins!