dimanche 22 avril 2007

"Politics" - Bad Religion

This bill-sticker will have two more weeks of work ...
Some facts :
the participation : 86 %
N. Sarkozy : 30,4 %
S. Royal : 25 %
F. Bayrou : 18,8 %
J-M Le Pen : 11,1 %
(estimations for the first round)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Why, do you think, did Bayrou not get more votes? I was hoping that he would make it.

jeremyDP a dit…

I think that anybody wanted to see the national front on the second round, as in 2002. The 2 main partys have made a profit of the "useful vote". Now, Bayrou have a big power in his hands because he can help to elect the future president : the negotiations are on their way !!