samedi 4 août 2007

"Holiday" - Jet

Some pictures of Paris-Plage. On the third photo the band is Narrow Terence, they play folk rock and the singer have a kind of Tom Waits voice. Very nice. If you're interested, click here.
I'll be out from Paris for 2 weeks so have a good time !!

5 commentaires:

Sunkyoung a dit…

It's nice that you have a place like this in the centre of a city. Have a great holiday.

Anonyme a dit…

It does look like everyone is having a good time.

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Gaëlle a dit…

Bonnes vacances alors !

Kerry-Anne a dit…

What an incredible transformation. I'll definitely have to make a trip to Paris in the summer one day, just to lie on the beach beside the Seine. :)

Missy a dit…

Oh those beach huts! So chic!