samedi 24 mars 2007

"Funhouse" - The Stooges

This is a cabaret located on the Belleville boulevard. On the front it's written : "the smallest cabaret in Europe" ; I guess we should trust them (I admit : I've never been in this cabaret). In fact, I like the architecture of the building -wich was a cinema- and the zebra on the front.

4 commentaires:

susan a dit…

Very unusual building for Paris, non?

What arrondisement?

Eric a dit…

20th arrondissement Susan.

Interesting, I did not know this cabaret, but I love the building.

BTW, welcome Jeremy I forgot to wish you a warm welcome on your blog ;)

Bleeding Orange a dit…

L'an dernier quand j'habitais à Paris, dans le 11e, tout près de Belleville, j'entendais très souvent parler de cette salle mais je n'y suis jamais allée non plus.

jeremy a dit…

merci Eric